USB Fingerprint Reader


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Office Depot has a deal on a Microsoft USB fingerprint reader. $39.99 - $20 discount = $19.99 - $10 rebate = $9.99.
I own about 5 of these. I was going to integrate them into my HA system, but they seem to work at the OS level. Does anyone know if there is an API to use these for a normal windows application?

That is cool, but did you cath the "More than $4000" price take to integrate it into an application?

I am looking more for Freeware/Open Source api. My application is Open Source so I can not integrate commercial components. =(

Ah, but you didn't see the Free for Personal Use part! ;)

Free edition available: you can download our FREE edition and test it, create your applications and even use it as-is. Once you decide to purchase the FULL or LIGHT versions, you needn’t do any changes on your code.

Ah! I just realized that you are looking for something to integrate into YOUR app for distribution.

Maybe soon...