USB Multi Relay board

Thats a pretty neat little product. I am not positive but I think there are more economical options that may not be usb though. I will keep an eye out.
This ($60)
and This ($80)

Together will provide you 8 I/O under USB control. I have not found any programming documentation on it but you can contact the site and see what they say.

Edit: Actually page 6 of this PDF describes the communications protocol and arround page 10 is a VB example

Edit 2: It also looks like the USB board is probably a USB to RS232 converter board which means connecting to it via VB would be the same as connecting to an RS232 port. The boards driver will do all the conversion work.
I have one of these:

It is X10, but then you don't have to worry about a computer crashing, and you can easily interface it to a computer via an X10 controller that has an ActiveX for VB. (CM15A or Insteon)

I am also very fond of Phidgets. This is a USB 4 relay for $50. I am not sure how stackable they are, but Phidgets are great in that they give you source in many languages etc.

Let me throw a couple of more requirements

1) It has to be in a case. I don't want to take the time to design something and have it look professional

2) It has to be USB and not work with X10 at all.

3) No Inputs just outputs