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I am looking into USB to Multi-Serial Boxes. As I am getting into Home Automation, I am running out of Serial Ports. I plan to run an HAI security system, Ocelot, Rain8Net, some type of tranciver for insteon signals, among other things off my computer running HAL. Would it be cheaper to go external with USB or internal with PCI cards? What would you guys recommend?
Without a doubt:
Edgeport 8 serial from one USB
eBay had a slew of them for around $50- $100
Most reliable serial convertor I have used (and I have used many).
David- Are they fully functional serial ports? I bought a single USB to serial adapter and haven't been able to communicate with most devices correctly. I've updated the driver, changed the COM port and nothing has helped. I'd love if this provided a solution. Any recommendation on single port adapters?
I too use an Edgeport 8 serial device and have never had a single problem with any device I have connected. These are an industrial device that originally sold for $250+. Most can now be had for the $35-$40 range. On the HomeSeer BB ( )many users use them and I have never read of a bad report. Not one.
Why get a single when you can get 8 for the price of one?
Very reliable unit (Edgeport). I haven't seen it not work with a serial device yet.
PCI might be a little more reliable than USB, but unless you are implementing a mission-critical application I would not pay much attention to the difference.

About the brand, the Edgeport is a Digi product - they are top quality. I have used other of their multi-serial adapters, the ClassicBoard PCI 8 in a FDA compliant validated environment and it has worked 100% reliable. It must - it is a mission-critical operation. I bought it via the formal channels (list price) for our company and the price was about $400. Not much different than the Edgeport list price. I noticed that the price for the Edgeport 8 in CDW is $387.

So Rupp, where did you say can I get it for $30 - $40?
EBay. There are several 8 ports available as well as 4 ports. The 4 ports start at $25 and the 8's at $35. I have bought several for my Canadian friends from this guy and have been totally happy with my service. They are used but work perfectly.
I took the advice and bought an Edgeport 4 last night. This will hopefully get another todo off of my list. I think I'm going to get another for my laptop in the wiring closet so I can finally hook up the UPS monitoring and Console cable for the switch. I've been trying to get my betabrites both working in the basement theater and only the one connected to the onboard is able to be updated.

The Cypress USB to Serial adapter that I bought on ebay didn't seem to do the trick no matter what I tried.