USB to Serial cable

Joe W

Just bought these new PC's and they have only one serial port but 8 USB ports. I needed a solution to get my Temp05 connected to HS using a USB to Serial.

I can confirm that this USB->Serial cable works reliably with my setup :
USB to Serial Cable It's only $7.95

Warning - Although the packaging says that no drivers are required for XP Home, I needed to install the drivers (included) and configure the com port.
Lucky dog B)

I bought one of those years ago..spent something like $49 or so...
Had to install drivers back then too..

Does it really only cost $7.95 now?

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Yup. $7.95 + shipping.

I have a second one that I will try with my CPU-XA and then the MR26 as a test. I'm not expecting it to work but I might get lucky.

These are cheap with no AC power required. Nice addition if it works.

I'll report back on on what happens.
Update - I switched my CPU/XA (old version of Ocelot) to the cable, changed the COMM port but l couldn't get this cable to work. I set up the new comm port the same as the native serial port. It just wouldn't connect via CMAX. I will play a little longer but I don't expect good things.

It is still working perfectly with the TEMP05 unit.