USB-UIRT now supports 3 Zones


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My plan for global domination* is now closer than ever....RHAA hA HA ha

If you need to control, say three identical cable boxes, for use in your HTPC, this is the ticket...

*global refers to my immediate surroundings, including, but not limited to; the interior of my house, the exterior of my house, and anywhere inbetween.

pretty cool, I am going to go with the ocelot for IR needs as the guy never responded to my review request (even a nice 'no' would have been nice), and he only accepts paypal.
Fair enough E.

From all that Ive read about the Ocelot, I think you will be very happy with it. It is definitely a more robust product with a lot more capabilty. The reason I choose the USB-UIRT, is that the Ocelot is way beyond my scope (and price) at this time.

Bummer that he never responded to your query. Apparently he didn't know how much respect you have in the HA community :) and that a favorable review might have sent him a bunch more business. Bad business decision, or perhaps just an oversight. Either way, I would still like to see you do a review on this product.

Also, I think he accepts credit cards or personal checks/money orders.

Regardless, I can't wait to use this new functionality.

Sad part is, I probably still could use it for control of my DVR, so I don't have to pipe it through Homeseer and a Girder/Internet Plugin setup, as it would case some delays. Do you have the new one ?
That is too bad. I've been using a USB-Uirt for quite some time now and it's been great.

Having multi-zone capability wouldn't be too shaby, but I dunno how I'd use it with my current setup. Maybe it's time to upgrade stuff :)