USB web cam to homeseer


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I am a newbie to all this but I just purchased homeseer. I got my devices working through homeseer and can control my devices via the internet. My next thing I want to do is hook up one of those cheap usb cameras so I can see it over the internet.

Is it possible to do so and if so can I use the webcamxp tutorial on this site. This will be a trial than I would like to put my 4 camera analog system over the web. Can someone suggest a capture card that will do the trick?


I just went through the tutorial and the web cameras page begins to load but just stop about half way. Any suggestions, I am a newbie and at this post Iam stymied.
I have done the tutorial myself but no longer use WebCamXP. I can try and assist you but i need to know what steps you have already taken. A picture is worth a thousand words. Show me a screen shot of what you are seeing.

I was thinking about installing webcamXP again when i get home tonight or tomorrow. So if you can wait i will be more familiar with the installation process
I finished the whole tutorial. When I punch in page that web camera should be in it begins to pull up but just stops before showing video image. I do not know how to show a screen shot, If you could tell me I will post.
I got the camera going. The problem I had is in the tutorial it says to type in address with webcameras at end. This only brought up a white box for me. I then typed in my port that I forwarded camera to an surprise it worked. Now I neeed to know how to put up a password to aloow only cetain users and how to make video screen larger.
The problem I had is in the tutorial it says to type in address with webcameras at end
Could you kindly provide a little more details and I will try to update the tutorial so other user will not fall into the same mistake.


No problem, In the tutorial it asks to save a html page and name it webcameras.html and then type in your web address and add webcameras.html to the address. When I did this it open the page for camera I just got a white box where the camera was supposed to go. I then replaced the webcameras.html at the end of the address with the port I forwarded the camera to and that brought up my camera view.

I don't think the tutorial had any problems, it may have been something I did. I appreciate the tutorial and the time you put into it. Is there a tutorial that shows how to increase size of video screen? What happens if I have multiple cameras. How do most handle a situation like this?


USB is not fast enough to handle multiple cameras. You would need to go to standard video out cams, a switcher, and a video input board in the PC.
The camera I am testing now is usb. I just wanted to see if I could get it to stream over the web. I do have a 4 camera B/w system that goes through a multiplexor and then to my living room tv. What I want to do is monitor these camera through both my tv and over streaming video, Do I need a capture card to run the multiplexor into? If so, what type will integrate well with homeseer and this webxp program or the Homeseer webplugin.

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I would GUESS that any video card that you buy would work just fine. The more popular brands are Hauppauge, ATI, and WINNOV (Not in any particular order)

The reason you have a wide choice is that they all use the WDM interface (or the older VFW)