Used Switchlincs Wanted



I'm looking for some of the old style Switchlincs (the ones where you push in on the bottom to disconnect them) I need white switches, communicating or non-communicating will do. I need the 600 watt scene capable switches and some slaves. Please e-mail [email protected].

Thanks, Chris

I really like the LED sidebar on the older Switchlincs. I also like the look and feel of the older Switchlincs. I don't use X-10 in my house for anything but lighting, so Switchlincs coming on by themselves is not a problem (especially since I eliminated the RCS X-10 thermostat). The LED's on the Insteon switches just look horrible and UPB does not work in my house.

wz2p7j said:
I really like the LED sidebar on the older Switchlincs.
They're not that old, then... the ones with the sidebar are the current line of X-10 (non-Insteon) switches, aren't they?

The ones I consider "older" were before even those... they looked like the PCS switches (no sidebar). And you would NOT want to use those, trust me.
Chris describes them correctly in the first post. He's asking about the 1st generation Smarthome Switchlincs with the green LED bar on the left side. They have a small set button on the right side of the rocker in the center and the air gap (disconnect) is accomplished by pressing hard on the bottom of the switch.

The next generation Switchlinc (before Insteon... we'll call it V1, 2nd generation), is similar but the little set button is gone to be replaced by a button on the bottom that is both the air gap (by pulling it out), and the set button (by pressing it in). These switches also have a little different style LED bar than the originals and in my experience tend to by much more reliable.

I can't help Chris with the ones he's looking for, but if anyone is interested in some or the 2nd generation V1 switchlincs give me a shout. I've got a number of them... some 600w, some 1000w, some 1-way, some 2-way (even a few that don't require the neutral). All are less than a year old and I'll have more soon as I replace with Insteon and UPB.

At my house these switches were 99.9 reliable (until I started installing Insteon switches :D ). I'm evaluating lighting controls for the business and know that I won't be installing any X10 so they're all coming out.

At some point I'll get them organized and listed on the For Sale forum...

My personal xperience with the first generation Switchlincs was that they tended to turn on by themselves. Once I got rid of my x10 communicating thermstat it 99.9% went away.