Usenet script


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hello all, looks like a nice place. ;)

I am in great need of a script that will automatically download all headers from a usenet group, which I specify, group the binary files into seperate posts and create an NZB file for that post.

I was hoping to make this much easier on whomever (hopefully) gives this task a shot by attaching a script (nget) with this post that already does almost all of what I need, however it does not create NZB files.

If you need more information on nget and to download it (because I cannot attach an archive.)

If you need a technical break down of the make-up of a NZB file:

Thank you very much in advance to whomever atleast gives a shot at this does not seem like a lot to me since the code for the program that does much of the work (nget) is already there, however I'm not a coder so i really wouldn't know. :)