User 2 Conflict


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How come every time I connect to my M1, via my M1XEP, it tells me:

"(User 2)
This item exists in the database, but is not programmed in the system."

I haved searched this site and the M1 dealer site with no luck. I seem to remember this topic/question mentioned before....(I thought it was going to be resolved with a new firmware release).

I have updated ALL the pieces of the system. RP version is 1.6.8, Main unit is 4.3.12 , M1XEP is 1.2.2, M1XSP's are 1.0.20 & 50.0.22.
Probably during the ELKRP update an unused flag bit for the user was set. With the flag set ELKRP saw a difference between the M1 and the ELKRP data base.

Reset the Users with the installer menu 07, 45, user codes then send all the users to the M1 from ELKRP, then read them back into ELKRP.

We will investigate the issue and get a fix for a future release.
Check to see if the user code is set to all zero's but you still have a name in the user code name space. If this is the case, the next M1 release of software fixes the issue so that all zero's as a user code is ignored and will not show up as a conflict.

Delete the user code with ELKRP, this will resolve the database conflict and save the ELKRP file.