Using ALC and UPB concurrently with M1G


I am trying to replace unreliable X-10 lamp modules with UPB devices which should be much more reliable. Currently I have a large base of ALC in wall devices (72) operating from my M1 using an OnQ ALC interface (364864-01) with the branch expander. This OnQ device functions as an M1XSP and is configured as device #1. I then have 3 additional M1XSP's (devices 2-4) installed as thermostat interfaces. I just added a 5th M1XSP to interface with UPB as device #5. The setup information with the M1XSP seems to assume that only one interface will be used as it instructs you to set the M1XSP to device #1 for both ALC and UPB - which you obviously can't do. On the lighting tab in ELKRP, the format tab does not differentiate between different serial expander devices.

As a result, I can not get the UPB devices to work through the M1G with ALC. The UPB Network address is set correctly in the M1 globals and the UPB devices all work correctly through Upstart. Has anyone had any experience using both lighting protocols together with the M1G. I have tried several starting addresses for UPB above the ALC device numbers with no success.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


There shouldn't be a problem using the M1XSP set for address 5 to control the UPB lighting. You will have to be careful and map the UPB devices to a M1 lighting number that doesn't conflict with the ALC devices. Also, keep in mind, if you have ALC 4-button scene switches, buttons 2, 3, and 4 are automatically mapped to higher M1 lighting numbers. Set your UPB devices to addresses that don't conflict and that are below 193 or you'll need to assign them as UPB links with the UPStart software.

Things to check for: The M1XSP is configured for UPB mode (S5=1, S6=1, S7=0, and S8=1), JP3 = RS232, JP5=the Shunt jumper is installed. In ELK-RP, the M1 lighting "format" needs to be set for serial expander. The "Globals- UPB Network ID" needs to match the network number you used when you configured the UPB device with the UPStart software. Do an enrollment for the M1XSP to be included on to the M1's data bus.

Who is the manufacturer of the UPB Computer Interface Module that you are using?

Thanks for the info. All the configurations were correct. I tried a higher address number and it worked.