Using ComPoint Intercom speakers for ELK...

Greets all. I'm contemplating putting in a Russound Compoint intercom system and I noticed that the Compoint ISSP single-gang optional speakers might be a good accessory for Elk voice output.

They are 8 ohm, single-gang, relatively unobtrusive, and $25 from

ISSP Russound Compoint Speaker

I might note that the compoint intercom units have a speaker level pass thru which would let the Elk and Intercom share the same speaker -- or so my reading of the manual suggests.

These are considerably cheaper than the speakers I'm using now
mini speakers

Anyhow, has anyone ever used these before, and if so is this a good idea?
I also had the same thought as you and already talked with Elk regarding them.
It is 8 ohms, BUT it is 2 watts. The M1 will blow it out very quickly. Add a 40 ohm 5 watt resistor in series with it to limit the current so it will not blow out.
They also have there own version of this on the road map comming out in the future.
Wow. Glad I asked the BB before I bought a few. It looks like I'll go with the Compoint system as it has some tasty options. I'll just route the elk output thru the compoint modules to a few more of the madisound 20W in wall speakers.
Hey they look neat and a nice solution.

On the ISSP and one of the reasons I want get one to look at is to find a microphone that I could mount in/on the ISSP unit to interface with the ELK M1. This could be a very elegant solution for a relatively unobtrusive speaker/mic for the ELK.

I would like to buy a few to try but the Bass Home site won't let me complete the on line order probably coz I am in Australia and their phone number is not correct they have moved it seems and the only email address [email protected] just bounces back. Can anyone update me with their contact new details?