Using encrypted username and password for getall.cgi with WC8


I'm attempting to use an encrypted username and password with PHP in a statement as follows:


(Encrypted 'username: password' is dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=) (also the space after the colon is to eliminate an emoji -- it is not included in the encryption)

WC8 HW version is 2.3.8
FW version is 03.03.32

The statement works fine if I do not use the encryption and uncheck the 'Web Login Enable' box.

What should I do to correct the format of the statement? Or is this not possible?

Thank you!
WC board does not support password encryption in HTTP GET. If you want to be secure, it is best to use allowed host settings in Network setup screen. Make sure your configuration host is allowed when setup that.
OK! Thank you for the information.

Understand to avoid having to do a reset, wise to ensure host is correct before eliminating all the "'s"