Using HA to entertain/educate kids ...


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So I had my 2 year old grand daughter over again, and decided to dedicate a big red button remote to her. I made it so it makes random statements which trigger funny and happy reactions. Next time she comes over, I will make it so she can actually learn useful things by pushing some buttons, since she really seems to learn whatever I have it announce. So that made me think ... who else is using HA to teach their kids certain things?
I have been working on a ML Scene that starts when my kids log onto thier computer. The scene pops up and asks them math questions and gives multiple answers to choose from.
They have to get the questions right, or the computer gets shutdown. ;)

I haven't gotten very far with it yet, and my son whines about it every time.

Maybe you can have it ask a few questions before it gives a clue to where some 'candy' might be (or whatever he likes, i.e. tv time). I am definitely looking forward to use HA to teach.
Does the Big Red button work with the MR26A, or do you need a W800? Sounds like a fun way to get my (still extremely young) daughter into HA.

Hi Matt,

Welcome to CocoonTech!

Unfortunately, you need the W800, I bought the buttons back in the days when I had the MR26A myself, but I never got it to work. The buttons are great for kids, they can't open the battery compartment either, and they can be wallmounted as well (I use them to reset my medication timer, manually kick off my tool battery charging event, use them to toggle my rope lighting etc.).
Thanks for the welcome. Been lurking here for a few months and finally decided to post.

I figured I needed the W800. Maybe by the time she is old enough to use it I'll have upgraded...