Using my touch screens as a slide show?


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I would like to use my 2 3500 Fujitsus as slide show picture frames when not in use. I've looked around for a free program to do this and can't find one. If anyone has a recommendation or thoughts on this let me know. Any reason this would be a bad idea?


I've found a few that said they were free but once you download them they tell you its a free trial. I assumed other people are doing this and might have found a nice free one.
Thanks its working great. I still have a few details to try and work out but it looks good.

I think you can take an XP box and create a directory under the root for the pictures, then map that in the XP screensaver. Once all is working well copy the .scr file and the picture directory over to the real box. It's possible just moving the scr file will allow for this.