using self contained siren or speaker on elk m1


What are the main cons and pros using self contained siren or speaker to scare away burglars?
I got this from Elk support;
Output 2 when set to a Voltage Output (Globals 26) is rated for 12 VDC at 1 Amp max. If you need to control 3 self-contained sirens then I would suggest using an Output for example Output 3, a Secondary Power Supply and create Rules --- For example:
Whenever Any Alarm Any Area Turns ON
                                Then Turn Output 3 ON (at this time you have the output turn ON indefinitely or have it timed)
Whenever My Home (Area 1) Becomes Disarmed
                                Then Turn Output 3 OFF
Instead of using the ELK-45, SS15 and ELK-71 you could have Output 2 set to “Siren Output “ and use the ELK-44, SP15 and ELK-70 Speakers connected in a Series / Parallel configuration to keep the overall load above 4Ω Ohms.


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I prefer speakers over sirens... for a couple reasons.
  1. A siren is just a speaker with a siren driver attached to it.  The M1 has a siren driver built in and when set to speaker output, that's what it uses.
  2. When the siren sounds, the M1's siren driver will drive the interior and exterior speakers together - the interior speakers will switch between voice alerts and siren tones, but during the siren tones they'll all be in perfect sync inside and out; by using a mix of multiple sirens with different timing, you're going to end up with just a bunch of noise that's far less distinct than 4-5 speakers wailing the same siren tone in sync - it won't carry as far and it won't be as startling IMO.
  3. The M1's supervisory voltage often causes a permanent hum on the sirens until you put a resistor across the leads to silence it.
  4. The M1 manages voltage better itself when using the speakers - vs. having to sum up multiple sirens and worry about overall voltage draw.
The only argument I can make towards sirens is that you need more and you need more volume than the board can do on its own and need to pull in auxiliary power to drive more - but even then I would personally look to add another amplifier off the built-in siren driver so they again stay in sync.
I tend to use Output 3 either for strobes or for Piezos.  A couple piezo screamers will get a lot of volume for very little current draw - I use them indoors and it's downright disorienting.