Using Simplehomenet for Insteon Occupancy Sensor


Senior Member
I am thinking of using a Simplehomenet EZIO2X4 to make an Insteon occupancy sensor but after reading the quick start guide I am confused about a couple of things.

What I want to do is to use the contacts from a security PIR to trigger an input on the EZIO2X4 which would then transmit an ON to the light. I also want to link a relay on the EZIO2X4 to the Insteon switch that controls the light. The relay contacts would be wired as a shunt across the motion detector contacts so that when the light is turned on manually it overides the motion function.

My questions are:

1- Is the logic on the EZIO2X4 correct to do this? They give an example with a magnetic contact that suggests it is but the description of the inputs seems to contradict that and suggest that the light will go off when the detector alarms and on when it clears. Does anybody know for sure which way the inputs work?

2- The EZIO2X4 has a programmable OFF delay which is nice but it is not clear if it resets if the input goes back to ON before it times out. I assume if the motion trigger was activitated again before the timeout that the light would just stay on but was wondering if anybody can confirm that?