Using Timers and time in Tasmota


Here while I am using Homeseer / HA for automation still configuring timers on each of the Tasmota switches / devices and sometimes use them in stand alone mode.
Tasmota commands to configure NTP servers
I am in to time here so initially set up ntpservers
North America —
To use this specific pool zone, add the following to your ntp.conf file:
You can set up 3 NTP servers using the console in Tasmota.
If you type ntpserver you will see the defaults.
ntpserver1 "ip of local PFSense NTP server"
If you type ntpserver you will see your configuration.
08:46:58 CMD: ntpserver
08:46:58 MQT: GarageDoor1/RESULT = {"NtpServer1":"","NtpServer2":"","NtpServer3":""}
Longitude and Latitude (you can get this on the internet, gps, Homeseer or HA).
just type longitude -XX.XXX and latitude XX.XXX
Just type timezone -X for North America.
To see your time zone after it is configured type timezone

09:00:08 CMD: timezone
09:00:08 MQT: GarageDoor1/RESULT = {"Timezone":"-05:00"}
Look at your time stamp to check the time to see if it is sync'd to your computer time.
Sunset and sunrise times

There is no tasmota command to see sunrise or sunset times.  You go to the timers section and will see sunrise and sunset times.
If they are way off you did not set the Longitude or latitude or time zone or NTP servers.
Set policies for the beginning of daylight saving time (Dst) and return back to standard time (Std) 
0 = reset parameters to firmware defaults
H = hemisphere (0 = northern hemisphere / 1 = southern hemisphere)
W = week (0 = last week of month, 1..4 = first .. fourth)
M = month (1..12)
D = day of week (1..7 1 = sunday 7 = saturday)
h = hour (0..23)
T = timezone (-780..780) (offset from UTC in MINUTES - 780min / 60min=13hrs)
Example: TIMEDST 1,1,10,1,2,660
If timezone is NOT 99, DST is not used (even if displayed)

-13..+13 = set timezone offset from UTC in hours
-13:00..+13:00 = set timezone offset from UTC in hours and minutes
99 = use timezone configured with TimeDst and TimeStd
99 = use timezone configured with TimeDst and TimeStd