V572A problem, very weird !!


I have a WGL V572A X10 all-house transceiver that was working very well until one week ago. Now it doen´s respond to my X10 RF remote controls (I have tried with many different) and also the led in the PSC05 doesn´t blink when I send RF X10 signal with a remote control.
The wierd thing is that I can connect the V572A to the PC and configure it with out a problem.
I already checked the PSC05, the cable, the transformer and all !

So I conlude that is working but not receiving or sending the RF X10 signals.

Any idea/suggestion ?
When you test this, how far from the unit are you? Have you tried different remotes? I am wondering if something went wrong with the antenna connection or something. I would strongly recommend contacting WGL, they are really good about taking care of their customers.
Than you electron. I tried a lot of different remotes, also with antenna and without (because without works as well). I tried a few inches of distance but nothing. I will contact WGL.
He said he checked it, but it makes me wonder how he checked it. When mine died, it wouldn't blink when I was sending commands, so the blinking LED is a good indicator for sure. ihome, can you tell us how you tested it?
Did anything change? This includes outlet you pluged into, cable changes, plug in a noise source, anything like that?

Do you have the correct cable to the PSC05 (i.e. NOT a standard telephone cable)?
Yep, I did check it very well. I tested it with a Rain8 and TXB16 and with both the PSC05 is working very good.
Also I'm using the correct cable.