vac? Maybe? Hopefully? Doubt it!


I am currently installing a geo hvac system at my house. I built a control panel to house a few relays and circuit breakers for the circulation system. I have, let's just say inadvertently, purchased the elk 924 and the elk 960 to run the system along with a third ssr. This setup would have worked great with my m1 gold when I set up the automation system. I was simply going to tie into the 24v to contacts on the unit. The problem is that the 24v on the unit is ac along with the lwc (low water control). The control on the elk units are 12/24vdc. I know, just get a power inverter from 24vac to 24vdc. The triggers are also dc while my thermostat is ac. So it would need a power inverter to power the elk units then another to convert the trigger sygnal. Oh yea, I have a twin system so double everything. The 3 circulating pumps will draw at most .4 amps each and normal operation .17 amps.
My biggest (dumbest) question is, are these capable of operating on 24vac or can they be triggered by 24vac?
What would you do? Get power inverters? which will burn more electricity to operate, or find the proper relays for the job? I think I just answered my 2nd question.


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Is it possible to use some sort of current sensing device to switch the 24vac circuit when it senses current on the 24 volt DC circuit? Maybe some sort of hall effect switches?
Anything is possible, but I'd counter the point with why introduce another failure point. The only item not stated by the OP is if he was going to use the M1 to trigger the relays also, but in that case, I'd just piggyback the dry contact on the back side and then trigger independently via their own host systems....isolating the systems.


Appreciate the responses. I agree with u dell. Looked at possible ways to use them,but more failure points. Waiting on 5 new boards now.