Vantage Adds New Features to Popular Touch Screen


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CES/ Las Vegas/ Booth #25950 — The TouchPoint 5 inch color touch control screen from Vantage Controls is now available in three different versions with two more planned for early an 2005 release. TouchPoint screens are used to control and monitor almost anything in the home or office including but not limited too: lights, security, air conditioning, theatre systems, sprinklers, and door and window contacts. The screens are known for ease of programming and limitless functionality.

The original TouchPoint C5 combines beauty, functionality and affordability into a single package. The TouchPoint C5V adds to the C5 the ability to play video and audio from security cameras, DVD players, and other sources. The TouchPoint C5R performs all of the same functions as the C5V, yet communicates with the system wirelessly via RadioLink, a 900 MHz wireless technology. This makes the C5R an easy addition to an existing Vantage system or retro-fit install, eliminating the need to run a communication wire.

For the first quarter of 2005, Vantage plans to release pedestal mounted versions of both the TouchPoint C5V and C5R. Previously available only in wall mounted versions, this new feature will enable these touch screens to be stationed on a coffee table or countertop.

Every touch screen in the TouchPoint series features an active matrix, high bright, sunlight readable, quarter VGA 5.5 inch diagonal LCD display that is small enough to be inconspicuous, but versatile enough to fulfill the needs of almost any application. A small proximity detector senses movement and activates the backlight. High resolution graphics appear, and the user can navigate between hundreds of distinct pages to control any component connected to the Vantage system.

Vantage Executive Vice President, Richard Brady, said the touch screen was designed to meet the needs of the homeowner and be easily programmable.

"The TouchPoint line features a new programming interface that takes minutes to learn and allows for fully customized screens," Brady said. "The program's organizational tree automatically creates links and buttons. A programmer can quickly move past the normally time consuming button and page programming and get right to creating the look."

Programming the screen is conveniently accomplished by simply connecting a laptop to the screen through an integrated USB connector that sits behind the touch screen faceplate. A library of interface components is available to the installer or custom images can be easily imported and connected to specific actions on the automation system.

Other features include an integrated IR receiver and a port to add other accessories. The IR receiver accepts commands from a remote control, and the port may be used to add contact inputs, light sensors, motion sensors, and more. In the programming, buttons can be designated as status buttons to display time, days of the week, months, years, temperature, and more.

For more details see or contact Joe Portera [email protected] for information and photos.