vantage vs zigbee vs homeworks


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Has anyone here actually used a vantage installation? I was impressed at the breadth of the contro4 offerring but wonder about how robust it will remain as the 2.4 ghz spectrum becomes more crowded. The homeworks solution seems bugfree but of course requires an installer since it uses a complex coding language. But I would be willing to pay for a bullettproof design that stands the test of time. I dont want progressive polling delays slowing things down, nor do I want to have to deal with a complex troubleshooting algorithm if a the system fails because of a bad device.
bwana, Cinemar has a few of our dealers that support Vantage. All good news that we have heard. On a related note, MainLobby supports the Q-Series today, and the Infusion series plugin is under development now. We expect the plugin to be finished right when the new controller is available.
With the combo of Vantage and MainLobby this signficantly increases the capability over a Control4 type of setup.
I'm going to self-install a Homeworks system in the 3-6 month timeframe, but am going to see how much I can leverage of the existing CQC driver to remove as much complexity as possible.
DavidL said:
With the combo of Vantage and MainLobby this signficantly increases the capability over a Control4 type of setup.
could you elaborate how this will allow more control than a control4 setup?
Using an HA solution like MainLobby allows you to freely add logic as suits your needs using whatever device drivers it supports, rather than whatever the C4 gods have pre-determined your needs are.

For example, perhaps on intrusion you want to turn on the lights in that zone, turn on the irrigation system just in that zone, and perform 14 other actions to integrate any other devices. Trivial using an HA software engine, may not even be doable in a closed system like C4.
posted, before, but I use a zone of my Rain8Net controlled irrigation system to scare away the deer at the end of my long driveway. The Elk (not the 4 legged kind :) ) sees the motion, MainLobby server does the logic handling to tell the Rain8Net to turn on the lake pump and sprinkler zone. Don't think Control4 lets you do this kind of actions. Don't think they have irrigation control at all (not sure).

Control4 does have this expander with 4 relays and 4 contacts......
DavidL said:
how much for four relays? Looks expensive.
WGL Rain8Net 8 relays with logic is $100 or so
if i remember correct it's around 250$....... but you have to be a dealer to get prices