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Since HS has announced its 2.0 version is being written in .net and will support Plug-ins written in .net I have decided to pick up my old VB.net book again and start reading from page one.(Actually i start at page one of chapter 5 because thats where they explained the .net framework and Micosofts theory behind it.

If any of you want to join in and start learning vb.net with me, then go ahead and grab your books. I am using the wrox Beginning vb.net 2nd edition http://www.wrox.com/WileyCDA/WroxTitle/pro...0764543849.html

But there is a new edition of this book avaiable and i may be making the switch just to keep up with the current times. http://www.wrox.com/WileyCDA/WroxTitle/pro...0764556584.html

The books will run you about $40 from their site but you may be able to find the books on amazon.com at a better price
Dont let the expensive price of visual studio stop you from learning how to program. The 2005 beta version of each languages IDE can be downloaded from Microsofts Express 2005 beta page This means not only do you get a free IDE from microsoft but you also get to beta test one of their products. How cool is that.

If you click on vb.net express and then click order CD you can have a full version of the beta 2005 studio shiped to you in a cd pack or on DVD. Shipping the pack to you will cost you about $9 but thats a steal compared to the price it normally cost. I quickly read through and did not see anything about an experation date either. You may want to read more about it before you actually install it to make sure its worth your time.

I just completed 16 weeks of VB.NET training and start taking my MCSD exams in a few weeks.

If you have questions along the way, ask um...I would be happy to help. And if I do not know the answer, I have some great resources at work.

Thanks pat. And on that note i think ill dive into my book again right now.

Pat how did you keep youself interest? I have attempted to learn a number of application programming languages such as C, C#, and VB6 and every time i would always put the book down because i ran out of ideas to practice with. Could you possibly share some of the projects that you had to do during your course. Maybe i will try and do them as im reading my book and i will be able to ask you questions that you can relate to.
Our instructor always did lots of demos and then we also had labs that we were supposted to do. I had too much real programming work to do the labs...

He has all of his demo programs out on his personal geocities site. Take a look: http://www.geocities.com/mark_l_nicholson/vbsamples.html

There are also C# samples of all the stuff out there too. I first started learning .NET in C# and then switched to VB.NET for the MCSD cert but they are close enough it does not take a pro to read both.

As for stuff I work on, I just find some project to play with the stuff. My new business site http://www.homemanagementweb.com is fun to play with the stuff. It uses custom controls for the header and footer. I am trying to build the site with as much seperation of UI and logic as possible. The portfolio section is all based on a workitem object that contains the properties and methods to display the data on the screen.

The HOA Portal stuff I talk about on my site also keeps me busy. I am currently in design phase doing all my UML work right now.

Never seems to be enough time to code...
I found this site which seems to be fairly interesting. Its a whole collection of Visual Studio .net video tutorials. So if you want to learn anything about .net and can learn faster with visual tutorials then this site is a steal. It will cost you about $30 for 3 months or $50 for a years subscription to the site. All the videos are downloadable and come with any source code that the video tutorials demonstrate.


Im gonna give it a try tonight. So far the sample videos look and sound pretty good. The guy talking sounds like hes is NOT reading from a script which makes the videos rather slow paced. This is good for beginners but may get nerve racking for advanced users. He covers all topic from the ground up and says that new videos will be abailable at about 1 every week or two.

If you buy the year subscription you will have access to his forum where he and other members can provide you with one on one help related to topics in the videos.


PS. If you are wondering why i have been so quiet on the boards and chat lately its because i have been working on a HS plug-in writen in .net. Its a slow learning proccess and i hope to have the plugin available by time HS 2.0. The plugin is simi complicated for me but doesnt do anthing very spectacular. Im going to refrain from telling you more about it simply because i dont want to be pressured to release it faster. I would rather do it slow and right.
The terms of service for learnvisualstudio.net exclusivly states that i am alowed to distribute a FEW movies to some of my friends.... So if anyone wants to see a particular movies let me know and i will send it to you... I will send to only active members of cocoontech. so if you think your gonna get this matierial for free and never participate then think again. For the rest of you i will send only a few movies to you and then after that you will need to pay for the subscription to get the rest of them.
Yep...review a few movies on the MSDN site, get a free standard copy of VB.NET...it was a prety good deal.

So, how is everyone doing on thier .NET learning? I am getting ready to take my first test by the end of the month. I think I will start with the web test since that is what all my programming is.

I am a little nervous about the tests...I have not done an MS test since I got my MCSE back in 97. At least I do not have to drive to Denver to take the tests this time...
Yep...review a few movies on the MSDN site, get a free standard copy of VB.NET...it was a prety good deal.

Absolutely...easiest hoop I had to hop through.

Do you know if the tests for .net are like the MSCE tests or do you have small projects to code?
They are like the MCSE tests. Just questions about different aspects of developing a solution.

They are like this:

2. You are creating an ASP.NET application. The application will be deployed on your company's intranet. Your company uses Microsoft Windows authentication. You want the application to run in the security context of the user.

What should you do?

A. Add the following element to the authorization section of the Web.config file: <allow users="?"/>
B. Add the following element to the system.web section of the Wecon fig file: <identity impersonate="true"/_
C. Use the Configuration Manager for your project to designate the user's security context.
D. Write code in the Application_AuthenticateRequest event handler to configure the application to run in the user's security context.

Or this:

25. You create an ASP.NET page named Location.aspx. Location.aspx contains a Web user control that displays a drop-down list box of counties. The Web user control is named CountyList, and it is defined in a file named CountyList.ascx. The name of the DropDownList control in CountyList.ascx is myCounty.

You try to add code to the Page.Load event handler for Location.aspx, but you discover that you cannot access myCounty from code in Location.aspx. You want to ensure that code within Location.aspx can access properties of myCounty.

What should you do?

A. In the code-behind file for CountyList.ascx, add the following line of code: Protected myCounty As DropDownList
B. In the code-behind file for CountyList.ascx, add the following line of code: Public myCounty As DropDownList
C. In the code-behind file for Location.aspx, add the following line of code: Protected myCounty As DropDownList
D. In the code-behind file for Location.aspx, add the following line of code: Public myCounty As DropDownList

These are from the Brain Dump at http://www.braindumpcentral.com for test 70-305 (VB.NET Web Applications).