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Venstar T7850


Doing all MQTT / Tasmota stuff in house #2.  Just watched this DigiBlur video.
So impressed purchased one today.  Will post my findings here.


Senior Member
Be careful with short cycling of your A/C with this stat. I had one start my A/C compressor in reverse and I caught it as I was walking by the outside compressor and got the safety switch in time. What a racket! I thought the compressor was going to jump off it's stand!
The stat has a short cycling prevention on the first stage but not the second stage contact. I had two that I sold since. The colour pictures make the text hard to read and the text makes the photos hard to see.
They do support a local API which is totally cloud independent though!


Thank you Larry.  You have me reconsidering now.  I personally just want more function and less eye candy.  Wanted more of the large fonts stuff.