Verizon FIOS services

Wow, I doubt a lot of people have "fiber to the curb" in their neighborhoods. I DO know that there is one Las Vegas neighborhood that has this and I have a co-worker that lives there. I will forward this notice to him (and keep you posted if he lets me know if he has this service).
They are installing it in my parents neighborhood up in MD. The Asplendu (sp?) crews were going around trimming the trees back from the wires back in September. I grabbed one of the men to see about getting a load of woodchips for free, and he mentioned that they were clearing the wires so Verizon could do a fiber install.
I imagine it will be pretty limited in many areas until fiber does go in. Down here in south Florida I doubt the underground wiring in most of the developments will be replaced any time soon with fiber - often the wiring in the development is not maintained by the phone company. I've had truoble getting more than two lines into an apartment because they wouldn't run any new wire.

Some of the new developments out in western areas of the county have fiber to them, but I don't know if it gets into the buildings or not. That became a problem for them getting DSL early on because they didn't have copper loops! This is also BellSouth territory, another deterrent.
No service in Harford Maryland. I think baltimore may be one of th emore lucky towns. I remember just last year and the year before that they were running a ton of fiber all over the county.
I found out earlier that Fiber is in the process of being installed in this town, and DOWN MY STREET!

I Can't wait! :)
Verizon is currently wiring Oakland,NJ for fiber. They have crews from all over the state working in this area. I spoke with one line crew. "Subscribers" will have a box installed at the house where the fiber terminates and converts to standard ethernet. The financial goal is VIDEO ON DEMAND and competition with the cable company, faster internet is just a bonus.

They were unable to give me an estimated delivery date

I added fiber to my house during a recent renovation (Add'l $85 to the 500 ft. structured wire cost) and was psyched when I heard Verizon was doing fiber to the residence. But I do not think I will get a direct connection any time soon.