Verizon FIOS TV user review


Staff member posted an interview with Verizon FIOS TV customer. Looks like he is getting all the local channels in HD (which is a big deal, since the cable companies don't carry the HD version of each local channel in all markets, usually because of political issues), great picture quality, and fast internet speeds as well. If you have never heard of FIOS, you definitely will have to check this out, since Verizon is working hard on deploying fiber all over the country.

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If they can do this, this may be the cable killer. Cable recently got a lot of business with their triple play of video, phone and data, but fiber trumps coax....

The issue in the past has always been the cost to deploy. Either they figured this out or they figure they are dead without doing this.
I've been working for Verizon for a few months now - as a lineman who is actually placing the Fiber Optic cables throughout NJ. It's called the FTTP Project (Fiber To The Premise) Most of it is being placed up on poles just like the old copper stuff. This is the cable that the FiOS service runs over. This is the future of Verizon or so they (we) hope.
Hey, if they can do it without going bankrupt and be competitive in price, they will be the future. With the difference in bandwidth the options are enormous, they can do whatever the hell they want, at whatever quality they want (within reason).

Hats off to them if this works. Hopefully it gets out by me by next year when my cable rate expires.