VERY Cool 404 Not Found page!


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Ran across this on It's a replacement for the typical 404 error page, that is animated. The animations is only 48k in size! Jutst a small bit more than a tiny picture.

Yes, it is a flash animation. Just checked it, and it is still up and working... Even if you don't have a shockwave plugin for your browser, you should get something other than a 404 page, as it is a dirrect link to an actual page, even though it is a 404 error page... confusing ay?!

John Wrote:
ps - that other thing went out in yesterdays mail to you.

Thanks John!
It would be tempting to include that page on a site... BUT that would mean that you would intentionally have to design the site incorrectly for it to ever be seen :)
No No No John,

I can design a site that may yield a 404 error without even trying :) :lol:

Usually I test all of my links really well to find my errors, but then again.....

when "hot linking" ( I know, a big no no), the 404's can creep back in, hmmm,

I may need to "borrow" that page to do some testing with ;)

Edit: opps, maybe I can't "borrow" it, just looked at it again, it's copyright is 2004 to 2999. I'll be a really really old man by then.