Video Capture Card Sale

You can find them a little cheaper on sites such as these:

It looks like it has a BT878 chipset, so it should work with most webcam software, but it only has 1 'cpu', so the bandwidth is shared by all 4 inputs. This means only a few frames per second per input, which isn't too big of a deal to most people, unless you want to record smooth video. I think you can find these type of cards much cheaper on eBay tho, you just have to be sure that it will work with the software you want to use.
The other problem with a single chip being shared by muliple inputs is that it'susually impossible to access more than one port at a time unless you use proprietory software.

I have a 4-port card made by GrandTek, which I'm 99% certain uses the same (Conextent BTCI or something like that) chipset as those cards. Using GrandTek's sofware, I can view all 4 inputs, but using and webcam software, I can only view 1 input at a time, and chaning inputs can only be performed via the WDM or DirectX driver interface.

I recently purchased 6 factory refurb'd DLink DCS900 IP cameras and are very happy with their perfomance. Since they have a built-in server, they run all by themselves. I'm getting rid of the other cameras I currently use with webcam software, with the exception of the "teddy cam" we use as a baby monitor (which is interfaced via a wireless adapter to one port on my 4-port capture card). I **may** expirement with retrofitting one of those DCS900's into the head of a teddy bear and ge rid of the wireless teddy cam all together (the low-light performance of the COLOR DCS900s are better than the B&W teddycam.)