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I am gong to finally set a few cameras around the outside of my house. I am having problems deciding which video capture card to use. I am planning on 5 cameras. Are there features that I need vs must have???

Thanks for the info.

Get the one mentioned in the other recent camera threads in the Home Security forum. It is based on the BT878 chipset, 8 inputs, and is compatible with most webcam software if you don't want to use the provided software.

Are you talking about the one on E-bay? I was reading a few posts about that one, but sometimes I am leary of spending $219.00 on e-bay.

If that is the one, then I will have to go the E-bay route.

That would be the one. I think you can find them cheaper tho. I already got in touch with Martin, and he is checking to see if he can start selling them, so you might want to wait a few more days. You might even want to send him an E-mail to show there really is a demand for these cards.
Just a note on a different approach. I was not worried about capturing video in real-time, though.

I have four cameras, so far, that I run into a used 9-channel quad mux which I picked up for $100. The output of the mux is fed into an inexpensive ($70) USB2 video dongle. The mux has a serial port that can control the various mux functions (2x2/3x3 cam images at once, selecting one in particular, freezing the image, etc.).

Example: When someone rings my doorbell, I switch the mux output to the proper channel, capture the image, then switch back to the 2x2 setup.
Scrambled said:

Are you talking about the one on E-bay? I was reading a few posts about that one, but sometimes I am leary of spending $219.00 on e-bay.

If that is the one, then I will have to go the E-bay route.

I read through the other post but didn't see a particular brand to search EBay for. I searched for 8-port capture card and only got 2 hits and they were $600 and up. Do any of you guys have a link?
I went ahead and purchased one of the video capture cards off of E-bay. I had to pay 139.00 plus 20.00 for shipping. I guess that is not bad??? if it works. I have been looking for small cameras to mount on The underside eve of my house. At first I was going to get one of the 1/3 Sony color camera # EX230HC from

Then I found the . Does anyone know how good this is???

Since this is my first camera, It must have a high "WOW factor" for my wife. If it is hard to use, or has a bad picture, then bigger and better project will be difficult to swing.

I am planning on having the image displayed on a touchscreen in the kitchen through MainLobby


I am not a camera expert and haven't been down this path myself yet but as far as these cameras go, I think you need to know what type/specs you want. Do you need the dome with pan/tilt, or is a bullet ok? The bullet seems to have a better CCD and is ultra low lux - .05 whereas the dome cam has a lesser quality CCD and is only .5 lux (that zero is important). Of course you can always use a IR pod to achieve low light vision. I found a lot of specs (no prices) at
The specs on the dome camera are pretty good and considering you also get pan & tilt, it appears to be a very good buy. Here is the full specs on the camera:

Both the dome and the bullet have the same resolution but the dome has a higher lux lux rating. Most likely you will be suing it where there is some light or where a light comes on if it detects motion so that should not matter much. Or a separate IR emitter could be used.

If you get the camera, be sure to give us a report on how it preforms for you. Being able to use pan and tilt to track objects is a certain advantage.
The capture card and it's included software you purchased sounds like it should have the WOW factor your wife will enjoy, especially when it is paired with the dome camera with pan and tilt.

The Kodicom software the card comes with is reported to be very good and supports the pan and tilt, plus is easy on the CPU resources. There are some links on this site to the Kodicom software and drivers should you need them, hopefully not.

Give us a report when you get it all hooked up and any pitfalls you experienced along the way.

Good luck, sounds like you have a good start so far!
Would the glass dome create any glare when the IR leds are in use? I personally would just get one of those IR pods instead of finding a camera which has them built in.