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I have 2 Cat5 bullet cams I want to feed into my Dell Server 2003 for remote viewing via internet/smartphone. My problem is finding a video capture card for the single PCI Express slot available. My Moxa serial port card occupies the only PCI slot.

I have searched google, avs forums, etc, but I do not see a PCI Express video capture card. Is there no such thing? And also I am open minded for any other solutions that will achieve my goals of capturing and remote viewing. Maybe I need another PC or solution process altogether?

Still learning HA and CQC in my spare time. Thank you for any and all help.

The issue with what you seek is in decent recording/remote viewing. For example, you could get the Hauppauge USB recorder, and use something like SageTV/Placeshifter/etc, but it wouldn't work real well remotely.

If you've only got 1 PCI slot, I'd recommend selling off the MOXA and getting an (edgeport? can't remember) USB-serial box that has 4/8/16 serial ports, and using the PCI slot for an AverMedia NV3000/NV5000 type card.
Whats the budget?

I was thinking about a video capture card for a couple hundred bucks, but if the better solution is another/additional processes, I could rethink the budget. I can't see justifying more than $800 since I already have the PC, cams, and cat5. I believe I am just a couple pieces away from my goal of capturing and remote viewing, no?

Thank you!!
An NV3000 plus Edgeport (based on size) minus $$ from selling Moxa could be in that general price range; PM CollinR and see what he'll do for you on the card portion.

$675 to your door if you are in the US.

8 channels, analog or IP you pick
Supports HD CCTV
240fps display and record (640x480 not CIF)
4 digital inputs
4 digital outputs (use to restart other servers or ??? :) )
Hardware watchdog for the whole box

EDIT: This is PCIe 1x !!!
Yea, this hybrid card looks sweet. But I just went for a low priced NV3000 and Edgeport from ebay. Lets see how it comes together. For the low $, I can re-do later if necessary. Thank you CollinR, IVB, and Wayne.
Was buying a PCI-E moxa card (or other multi-serial card) not an option?

The PCI-E moxa card was not an option for me (OP) because the video capture card NV3000 occupied the only available slot on my motherboard. I still have it somewhere so if a fellow forum member could use it I am happy to share.

Thank you.
Ohhh thats the only reason I mentioned the 6240express was to utilize a PCIe slot so you could keep your PCI serial controller. I see better now, still wouldn't advise an NV3000 but it's a very good bang:buck at something like $150, it doesn't come with the IO controller but thats a pretty cheap add-on too. You should be good to go with the 4 cameras it supports but it you start adding the expanders it'll come to a crawl at about 6.

I know this probably won't help you now but maybe the next person. The IEI IVC-200 worked very well for me. About $200 with 120fps total.

The NV5000 would be advisable at that level of card, for only $100 more you can expand to 16 channels and add in IP based cameras and add in megapixel cameras too.