Video Distribution panel power


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I noticed for a couple of weeks a rolling horizontal bar scrolling up each RG6 connected TV. I thought it was a ground loop problem, which are always a pain to find and fix.

I got motivated last week and started pulling things apart to locate the source. I got down to a Tivo, distribution panel and TV and still had the problem. I swapped Tivo thinking for sure that would fix it, but it didn't. I direct coupled the tivo to one tv and walla- fixed. Hmmm, my $400 distribution panel is suspect...

It is a 3x8 Channel Plus video distribution panel. Has two amps, each powered by it's own power supply. I thought maybe a bad amp so I unplugged one power supply at a time. This induced snow, and when only having one amp, no scrolling bar. When switching to the other amp - scrolling bar again. So, bad amp or bad power supply. Fortunately, I can swap power supplies on a given amp, which confirmed a bad power supply (whewww...). 12 volt regulated supply. Voltmeter shows a good 12.1 volts steady. So, it's not a lack of voltage. Must be injecting some noise somehow. Not having an oscilloscope - ordering a replacement wallwart was next step.

Automated Outlet to the rescue. Ordered two Elk regulated supplies and a 12 volt distribution panel to clean some of my wiring wall a tad. Next day showed shipped. Today it came in. Great service - thanx Martin!

Plugged in a wall wart making sure the polarity was same after the 12 volt distribution panel. Pefect picture on all ports!!!


On to next project...