[Video] Microsoft VR gone wrong

That looked like a VOICE to TEXT demo to me. A few years ago IBM rolled out a similar product, sold it to major corporations, with horrible results.

Remember, English is a difficult language for VOICE to TEXT. Too many things sound similar, but are spelled differently depending on context.

At least with HomeAutomation, most just use VOICE to ACTION, based on a few key words.
That reminds me of the first time I played around with VR....

Asked Melissa what we should call the computer, as that would be the "wake-up" command. She suggested Vanessa. Needless to say, everytime anyone said her name the lights would start going on and off, the channel on the tv would change, etc.

So me, being the great thinker I am :rolleyes: decided to come up with a keyword that would be set apart from other words... I used "Pickle" (the word orange was just to "soft" for the computer to discern). Needless to say, my friends still make fun of me for sitting in my livingroom and yelling, "Pickle, Livingroom lights On!", "Pickle, Channel NBC!".

Even then, sounds from the tv could start the trigger word, and the next thing you would know, the lights were going crazy and the tv would start randomly changing channels.

My work around was to set up a key on the remote control to active the VR's listening mode. After one command, the VR would go back to inactive until the button was pushed again.

I spent hours setting up all the commands, and haven't used it in ages
<_< Fun to play with though, but definitely not something ready for prime time.