Video output


How does the video output work for you guys?

When I output via s-video cable(using s-video to rca adapter right now) the image doesn't fill the entire screen, so I couldn't imagine it filling my entire 57" widescreen tv I have in my living room. I have a nVidia GeForce 3 Ti500. Do they make dedicated video output cards?

Would the signal be better on my widescreen tv using a DVI cable? I haven't tried this system on my big tv yet, still playing with it.
The card that you are using should give you as good a video out as you are going to get. The DVI input is what you want to use. The quality will be far superior.
Use the DVI input to get full resolution. HDTV 720p is capable of 1280x720 progressive; 1080i can do up to 1920x1080 interlaced. I can run at full 1024x768 on my HDTV and still see text clearly.
svideo and a reguler 32" TV looks fantastic, of course, if I had DVI, that's what I would be going for too!

Watching videos and pictures on s-video looks fantabulous, but when you surf Cocoon on your tv, put on your beer goggles. ;)