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I just set-up a x10 camera on my front porch controlled (on/off) by a motion sensor. I am using the X-ray software as i don't know any better.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to have a small window pop-up on the tv screen when the camera is triggered. In other words, I sitting on my couch watching TV via Snapstream's BTV software when someone comes by to visit. I would like to see them coming before they even get to the door, but don't want the camera's "window" to be open all the time. The window would pop-up when the motion sensor triggered.

I have read through the list of other camera software, but haven't really done any research yet. Do any of the programs support command line parameters? I already have a button on my frontend (myHTPC) that will launch the X-ray software and display the screen, but would love to have this be automatic.

Don't know if what Im asking makes much sense, as Im not really sure about what Im trying to say. Something like a caller-id overlay?

Okay, Ive been playing with girder for a bit and Im getting there. First things first, theres no plug-in (that I could find) for my receiver CM19A, so I had just switched it out for the CM17A "Firecracker". That was a huge step in its own right (can HS remind me to clean up the cables back there.)

Anyone here use the HSC program with HS? Girder? Both? command line to HS events This thread is pretty old, but still a good read for a first timer.


Edit: After reading electron's How-to thread, I think it may be wiser to ask this...what can't you do? Of course, that may deserve its own thread.
I use hsc with girder AND hs using internet/client server plugin. When I hit pause/play on my remote control for my DVR, it also sends a signal to girder running on my homeseer machine telling what I am doing, then uses hsc on the HS machine to dim the lights or turn them back on.

I want to do the same thing with the video popup, not hard to do if you share the directory with webcam pictures, have a vb app or IE window popup using the url extracted from the girder internetserver plugin packet, my only problem is having the window stay on top, MCE wont let any other app stay on top, but snapstream might be better about this.
Son of a....gun

after all the reading Ive done over the past couple of months, things still got overlooked (not a shocker). The CM17A came with one of the bundles I recently bought. I had remembered reading about it, and knew that a plug-in existed for girder, but being that I never thought I would own one, I never went any farther with the research....BIG mistake on my part.

I was unable to have girder respond to a motion sensor. Thinking that I was doing something wrong, I tried everything I could think of to no avail. So I went on a search, only to find out that the CM17A "Firecracker" can only transmit x10, not receive them..... NNNNNOOOOOOO ;)

PLEASE tell me Im wrong and that I was doing something incorrect. If not, Im stuck for the time being and will need to go and purchase a serial PowerLinc. Saw that a plug-in for the CM19A transceiver exists for HS, so that may be another route to take. But, to lessen my frustration and increase my understanding I think Ill try to get things working with one software package before I move on to the next. Plus, I already have girder.

Anyways, Im done fooling around for a minute on this, as the CM17A problem has done made me mad :unsure: . Need a day off to regroup.

I have never played with the girder plug-ins -- Internet Event Server/client, as I have always had girder running on the HTPC. So, Ill save these questions for another day.

You are correct, the CM17a (firecracker) is a transmitting device only, it's why many people upgrade fast to the CM11A (serial) which is 2way, or even better,the USB PowerLinc device. There is a girder plugin for the CM11A, and you can get them relatively cheap. I suggest you check out for a good deal, will save you some money, and the owner (Martin) hangs out here, so you can ask him any questions you have. Let me warn you though, Home Automation is an addictive hobby. You are almost one of us :unsure:

You are almost one of us

Resistance is Futile! :unsure:

Bummer about the CM17A though, wish I had payed more attention. My work around is to have the X-ray Vision software minimized in the taskbar. When someone comes to the door, a simple push of a button maximizes the window over top of BTV. Not automatic, but it seems to work.