Vidikron: Ultra High Resolution 1080p Projection


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Vidikron’s Ultra High Resolution 1080p Projection System Delivers Outstanding Image Fidelity

The New Vision Model 80 Features a 3-Chip D-ILAâ„¢ Configuration and a Powerful VDP-80 Controller/Processor Incorporating Exclusive Imagixâ„¢ Video Processing Technology

UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA – January 3, 2005 – Vidikron, the leading producer of high definition home theater video displays, announced the market release of the Vision™ Model 80 Projection System offering the highest resolution home theater video available today. With advanced D-ILA™ (Direct Image Light Amplifier) technology, and the VDP-80 Controller/Processor’s exclusive Imagix video processing technology, the system boasts a native resolution of 1920 x 1080—one of the highest resolving systems yet available.

“The latest D-ILAâ„¢ technology combined with Vidikron’s proprietary Imagix outboard processing technology takes digital projection to the next level,†said Jim McGall vice president of sales and marketing at Vidikron. “Our Model 80’s native 1080p resolution transforms any source into stunning high definition picture with extraordinary detail, richly saturated colors and outstanding black levels.â€

Vidikron’s incorporation of three D-ILA™ chips results in exceptionally low noise without the flicker and “rainbow effect†that can result from single-chip digital video display devices. The Model 80 projector and its companion VDP-80 processor have been engineered for accurate gray scale tracking and true 6500K color reproduction capabilities to produce the most pleasing and film-like high-resolution images possible.

With 1050 ANSI lumens of light output (CSMSâ„¢ Light Output of 18.1 ft-Lamberts) and a 2100:1 contrast ratio, the Model 80 offers state-of-the-art picture quality on screens as large as eight feet wide. Discrete IR and RS-232 controls make custom installation seamless, while discrete source and aspect ratio selection accommodate any automation control system.

“Vidikron’s beautiful Vision Model 80 is packaged in elegant, Italian inspired styling and finished to blend with any décor,†remarked Jim McGall. “This is an attractive projector that looks right at home in any environment and coupled with the VDP-80 processor/controller, the package is a truly amazing solution for the video connoisseur.â€

The Vision Model 80 retails for $29,995.
1080p with 1050 ANSI lumens and a 2100:1 contrast ratio!!!!!!

That is SERIOUSLY cool!

I would love to see that, won't be buying one though, if only I were rich ;) .
Can only imagine how much a replacement bulb would cost, lol.

Seems that JVC's improved D-ILA LCOS chip has helped spawn a few of these 1080p projectors, so far I haven't seen any that have this impressive brightness AND contrast ratio.

The JVC DLA-HD2K is pretty cool also, but it's only a couple of grand cheaper and the brightness isn't even close.
This projector really is worth every penny, if you can afford it that is, wondering if they would send me a demo unit ;)