Violation of terms of service notification from Photobucket...


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I have been getting regular (every few weeks) emails from photobucket saying I am in violation of their terms of service - image hosting is not permitted.  I haven't messed with the account for years but may have put a few pictures on it and linked to them.  I tried to log in but my account no longer seems to work - think I tried "forgot my password" and they didn't have my email on record.  I clicked the "Break my hosting links" button in the email.  Still getting the messages.  Anyone else getting them?  Should I just add them to the blocked addresses list?
Yep, just block them.  They've attempted to coerce previously free hosted users onto a paid scheme.  They handled the transition pretty poorly.  Now they seem to be trying to use scare tactics.
I figured out my password so went to the site to see what I had put there. A few really old pics.  Clicked the "break my hosting links".  Couple days later I get ANOTHER "violating terms of service email."  I tried.  Time to block them.