VIP Systems(TM) Announces a New Product Line


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HOUSTON, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 03/24/2005 -- First Capital International, Inc. (OTC BB: FCAI), the Designer and Manufacturer of its prepackaged VIP Systemsâ„¢ ( -- a state-of-the-art Video Surveillance Security Solution -- announced today that the Company will offer a new mirror TV line of products in April.

The Company reports that this product line represents the latest trend in the Home Automation industry, which makes the mirror in the bathroom of a home "alive" with a super-bright LCD panel located behind the mirror in the wall. The Company has been developing this product line over the last 4 months and currently is ready to offer it to Builders, Custom Integrators and for upscale home projects as well.

Recently, the Company signed an Agreement with a major Builder/Developer to install a large number of these mirror TV units at the new, state-of-the-art town home project in Florida.

"This is a great product line which gives you a feeling that you are on the set of a James Bond film," said James Gooch -- Vice President of Technology for the Company. He went on to further state: "We can offer 15", 17", 19" or even 42" Plasma screens behind the mirror. You're able to use the mirror as a regular mirror; however, if you push the button or remote control, your mirror will become a full TV monitor set."
So it's a 2 way mirror with a TV behind it?

That's pretty friggin' cool.

Get one of those along with one of the glass speaker setups and that'd be a pretty slick system.
Yep, very cool for sure. I always wanted to build one myself, and still might once I have the time and resources.
I saw something like that on bathroom renovations on the DIY network. Ill check and see if i can find it for everyone
I didnt find any info on the mirror at the shows website. It focused more on the tiling than the mirror which is a shame. However there i did find a site that tells you how to make your own. Anyone want to try it?

Basically you will need a two way mirrow and a TV. You place the tv where you want it on the mirror then you paint the entire back side mirror except for where the TV is black. This will make only the portion of the mirror which you want to watch tv be two way.

Pretty cool idea. I may try it one day but not any time soon. :)
Anyone find an online resource for 2 way mirrors?

Not sure why these units are so expensive although I don't know how much the one at the top of this thread is going for.

Seems rather easy to just DIY.
Mario, I totally agree, the concept is very simple, but I haven't had much luck locating an affordable 2way mirror.
Pretty cool find, they even advertise X10 as an application :)

Looks like it gets pretty expensive once you look at the kind of dimensions a bathroom mirror has. I wish I could get my hands on a sample, see how well it works with i.e. a PDA behind the screen.
I looked at that site and a few others. They don't recommend using the 1/8" acrylic for very large mirrors (over 8 - 10 sq ft). So, if you want to replace a large bathroom mirror, you're probably looking at 1/4" acrylic or glass (which will probably be quite a bit more expensive).
Most local glass shops sell 2 way mirror glass and you can actually make your own. I've seen kits on a Google search but now I can't find any.

I wanted to buy a beat brite and mount it behind a 2way mirror but I never got a round to it.
my bathroom cabinet has 3 mirror panels, I think they are around 12"x36", but looks like it will be expensive. BetaBrite was another application I was thinking of.