Virtual Crib commitment


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ArchonHA (now known as VirtualCrib /aka vCrib) has been committed to the public. I have opened the SourceForge project today.

It will be a bit before I release the code, but the chances of me going commercial or getting bought out are gone now. The need for support was undeniable, and I hope now that I have committed, some developers looking for something to do will step up and help. Details are on SourceForge.

I have entered the very short list of supported devices and features in the documentation section on SourceForge.

I just put the site up today and it is pre-alpha still, so there is not much up at this time.

If there are some must have devices like the W800RF that I should be focusing on, I welcome the suggestions. I am turning my attention to the Web client and PDA clients now, but I really want to make sure it supports the basic hardware out there for people even to look at it.

For example, I do not have a CM11A, but if a lot of you still use them and want me to include it, it is cheap enough I should be able to buy one and do that for you. If anyone has an old CM11A they want to send me, I am VERY open to any help like that. =)

I work for you all now.