Visonic PIR's anyone use them?


Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone would be able to help me, not even sure if these are available outside europe!

I have recently purchased a VP1000 PIR (Visonic) to try with my RFXCOM Antenna for occupancy detection.

I am having a problem, because the PIR seems to be locking it's self out...

What I mean is that. If I enter a room, it operates a few times which activates my lights. But after a few minutes of being in the room it seems to stop detecting (Red LED does not flash) and sending signals. Then obviously the lights go out as the system think no one is in the room.

I am wondering if anyone who uses these sensors could tell me the behaviour they see from theres and if what I am seeing is normal.

Many Thanks

I beleive that is a wireless PIR. Most wireless PIR's will only transmit once every 4 or 5 minutes (varries manufacturer to manufacturer) so that when you are home and moving around teh room it does not kill the battery needlessly (since they are really intended for alarm functions and not HA).