Visonic reviews


Is someone using a Visonic Security System ?? specially, I talking about PowerMax I and II. As far as I know, Smathome sells that Alarm Sytem but with his name. (like an OEM version).

I was using the I version and his performance was great !!

I haven't seen one, but do you have a link to the specifications? What do you mean "performance was great?" What did it do?
I installed a PowerMax in a friends house and they love it. It was easy to install and operate. It is a great DIY security system.

The only down side is all the electronics is enclosed in the main keypad mounted to the wall, but for the DIYer this may not be a problem.
One of my coworkers installed one of these system (Powermax), it looks pretty cool, has some nice options, and he seems to like it pretty well. Definitely easy to install.
Your coworker must have installed wireless Door/Window Transmitters.
Has your coworker installed wired transmitter to the wireless ones ? (attached, In order to save money).
His system is totally wireless, he had some trouble setting up the motion sensors, but he did figure it all out.
Say to him that he can add wired detectors to the wireless. You can see it in the products manual. He will save a lot of money.
With these few answers, I'm wondering if this is the correct forum to put a "Visonic reviews" message, because almost nobody is writting a review about visonic and as far as I know and have tried, this alarm system is very good and reliable.
I think it's because most people who get this aren't people who like doing this for fun, they just want an easy to install alarm system. I'll be doing some work on one of these systems soon, I'll post more details once I get to play with it.
I've just installed a Visonic PowerMax + system for a friend of mine. The initial setting up of the sensors etc is much much easier than other systems I've installed. The fact that it is totally wireless, well except for the power connections and telephone, makes locating the alarm panel and Siren box a much easier task.
I would also recommend the computer interface as this makes programming the options quicker, since it can all be done from the pc then downloaded to the powermax +. This saved a lot of time.
If any one is thinking of buying an alarm or getting one installed then I would recommend a Powermax +.
If you want to use wired sensors then there are 2 zones designated for wired sensors. Also Visonic do a special transmitter that can turn any wired sensor into a wireless one.
For an in depth review of the Powermax Alarm panel try here