ViviaRF RZCS4-1LX 4 scene controller questions


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I was reading the manual for the programming remote and this controller and am confused...

the remote manual states the following:

"Next you must associate your device(s) to
a controller button used to execute a group
ON/OFF or Scene. If your device is part of
all your group ON/OFF or scene buttons
you will have to associate your device to all
buttons on your Scene or Zone controller."

and later on:

"Press and hold scene button 1 on the
scene controller until the LED blinks green.
Next locate each dimmer/switch/plug-in
that you have associated with scene one
(button 1) [Note: this could be individual
devices or a pre-configured Area] and
set each device to a desired light level."

The first seems to imply that each button on the 4-button scene controllers must refere to the same devices, the second seems to state that each button can refer to different devices.

In short, i have two types of desires for scenes:
1) all four button refer to nodes in a single area but have them stored at different levels - i.e. 4 scenes for my master bathroom wil all lights stores at some level in all 4 scenes - off and three other levels/moods (not an issue here and is insync with the classic scene usage / examples from leviton)

2) i want some controllers (front door / kitchen) to control close by zones/areas (i.e. outdoor lighting) but also allow a dedicated button i can use for general interior lighting upon entry / exit. I.e. button 4 i want to be a general scene with most lights in the house "all on" when i enter, and easy "all off" function when i leave. But buttons 1-3 on the kitchen will truly control scenes in the kitchen/nook area. This is where i differ from the Levton examples given in their training, etc...

What i don't want to have happen is to turn on scene 1 and have it dim devices outside the kithcen becaause they are included in scene 4...

Hope this makes sense...

think i found my answer elsewhere in the document... looks like via the programming remote, i have to physically associate devices with EACH button.. so i think i'm good...

I have the 4 button controllers but I used the ControlThink .net SDK to program my buttons. It was not easy to do since I had to manually enter each button number.



That code above basically says "Set device 14's button 1 to be associated with device 20". So the hard part was figuring out which device what which #(node id)
You may want to fix the title of your post to avoid confusion as the VZF01-1LX is a Vizia (non-RF) Fan Speed Controller. The p/n for the 4-Scene controller is RZCS4-1LX.
oops - sorry worth, i got carried away with the cut and paste - i'm trying to figure out if i can/should use those fan controls as well (i'l post seperately on that)

(btw i placed my nearly $1500 with you guys late last night! combined with all the prior viziarf , elk, etc over the last year+ thx - this hobby is too expensive!) But i must have problem everyone else doesn't... All of this stuff, especially the lighting, has a very high WAF. I went room by room yday with the mrs giving options, etc and she wants the scene controllers, everything non only dimmable, but controllable, etc...

Moderators - feel free to fix the topic as noted (any reason it can't be opened up for editing here?)