Vizia RF + Installer Tool Software and Windows 10


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Leviton's webpage at:
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clearly indicates that the current version of the software is supposed to support Windows 10.I have however been unable to get the software to recognize my Leviton VRUSB-1US RF Installer Tool. The device installs and shows up as an HID Device in Device Manager. The PC software version is unable to detect the USB device and states that it cannot find a compatible device.
Has anyone else gotten the Vizia RF + Installer Tool software to work with Windows 10? If so, How?
I am in the same boat tonight.  Have you found a way to make it work with Windows 10...........Steve Chase 8649035493
I'm using the Installer Tool with Windows 10 and the VRUSB.  At startup does it prompt to run as administrator?
Yeh, you should get a prompt, and it likely won't work if you don't get that since it may not be able to do things it needs to. I don't have any trouble with it here under Win10. Well, I have trouble with it sometimes, but it's more related to the flakiness that is Z-Wave than Win10.
I tried as best I could initiating the installer tool software under administrative privileges with and without the VIzia ref + usb inserted (Before or after) all to no avail. Although the software installer tool opens it continues to report not connected to a supported RF installer USB stick So it becomes in operable.
I also tried running under window 7 compatibility.

Any other ideas?? you have been so helpful. Thank you