vizia rf+mcontrol help please ...


Good afternoon ...

I've been trying to complete my first HA little project far- no luck (for 3 hours)
Please somebody help me figure it out what i'm doing wrong.
This is my configuration:
mControl (under Windows Media Center)
HA22 (USB stick) - Z-wave
1-Zone Dimming Controller RZCZ1 (Vizia RF)

I installed on my PC mControl
then installed HA22 Z-wave PC controller.
Everything looks good under windows device menager - all drivers for HA22 are ok

Problem is - I cannot add RZCZ1 to mControl and control my balcony light.

I don't know how to add Vizia Dimmer to mcontrol
first i tried use ZWave pc controller utility (according mcontro manual) - no luck
Zwave adapter software was runing - I clicked on start/add device and after minutes i got information: "ControlThink.Zwave.CommandTimeoutException:
The command has time out"

please see photos:
1. start


2. timeout :eek:


3. my Vizia RF RZCZ1


Also I was trying enroll vizia dimmer directly mcontrol "edit device" menu luck (after 45 sec)

screen: no luck again ..


please help me before i go crazy or drunk !!!

one more info

distance between computer and ViziaRF dimmer +- 15 ft

also i tried use RZCZ1 under Program mode (by pulling the bottom of the push pad)
LED turned amber and during this time I have been tried enroll device to mcontro

and one more

after i remove regular wall switch and installed ViziaRF i can't even manualy turn off/on my balcony light ..

something is wrong ....?

I didn't connect goround cable to Vizia dimmer (i don't have one in this location) ...maybe this is a reazon ...

You need to have your USB stick within 3-6 feet of the device to add it. You are correct to put the Vizia RF zone controller in "program mode" (amber LED) before you "add device" with your PC.

If you get it within range, you should be good to go. As far as the other switch not controlling your light, that sounds like a wiring issue or in a rare case a bad switch.

Chris ...

I didn't know that usb range is so short ....3-6 ft ..
What about z-wave range between switches....i hope it is at least 30 ft, otherwise ill have to install a lot of zwave devices along walls in my future house, to reach second floor switch.

I'll move my computer close to switch - i hope it will work
I'll let you know

I was able to find device under Zwave Adapter Utility, but still couldn't find using mcontrol under Media Center

tommorow i'll move computer closer to switch (now distance is like 10ft)

could you tell me also what's the difference between ViziaRF product
because I bought

1 - Zone Dimming Cintrller (RZCZ1) - I understand i can remote dim/light my lights
2 - Scene Controller (RZCS1) - I have no idea how does the switch works

regards !

You only need to be that close to add devices. To operate them, you should be within 30 feet between the remote and at least one device--but the rest of the devices can be a ways away. Each device has up to 100 foot (ideal) range indoors. Spacing them 25-50 apart each should be sufficient unless you have really nasty walls.

Neither the zone dimming controller or the scene controller are light switches. If you wire those up, you'll just be wiring power to them. They only control other devices--they are "virtual switches." Pick up the 15A switch or the 600W/1000W dimmers to control your devices.


still cannot add (enroll) Vizia Switch to mcontrol.
My computer is now 3 ft from switch.

I can only see switch ID under Zwave Adapter Utility.

I have been trying...and ..trying ......

any ideas ?

So the device has been added to your network--but cannot be used, correct? Are you trying to enroll a standard switch or the zone/scene controllers (which look like a switch--but are "virtual switches" so you can't control them--they just control other switches)?


I'm trying to enroll 1-zone dimming controller (RZCZ1)

The device has been added to my network.
(I can see this device only under Zwave Adapter Utility so I'm thinking that this device is working in my network)
But when i run mcontrol and try enroll device it cannot be done, because after 50 sec of "enrolling process" nothing is detected.

ZWave adapter utility - i can see my Vizia switch (device ID=7)


mcontrol - nothing is detected

But what is weird. When Vizia switch is connected to wall switch I cannot control my lamp manually form switch. On/off is not working. .... (why)????
When i replaced switch to regulal one i'm able to on/off lamp.

My my home electric installation in a mess - i don't know maybe i connected something wrong.
Attached is a photo and description) how my wall box look like.
Maybe this will help.
Black wire is hot one
white - neutral

yellow and white are connected to lamp.
when black and yellow are connected to regural switch i can control lamp
but when yellow and black are connected to vizia switch - i cannot control lamp

all white wires are connected together (pig-tail)
all black wires ale also connected together ((pig-tail)


I connected Vizia switch exactly in this same way as my regular wall switch was connected.

thank you for helping me

I'm trying to enroll 1-zone dimming controller (RZCZ1)


That RZCZ1 is not a dimmer. It is a "virtual switch." You can add it to your network--but it doesn't directly control a load and you can't do anything with it from a computer other than set it up to send messages to an actual dimmer.

It also won't turn your light on and off. It should be wires to HOT and NEUTRAL, not HOT and LOAD.

If you'd like to have a dimmer there, pick up the 600-watt Vizia RF dimmer instead. It looks the same on the front, but is the RZI06 and has different wiring in the back (for a light). You must be using incandescent or halogen lighting, and have at least 40W on the circuit.

I see .....

This is my first try with home automation ...and my first mistake .....(i bought virtual switch) ...heh :blink:

thank you Chris !
I'll order RZI06 - i hope it will work ...

whad does you mean - have at least 40W on the circuit ?
I'll order RZI06 - i hope it will work ...

whad does you mean - have at least 40W on the circuit ?

The RZI06 should work much better :blink:

You need to have at least 40W on the circuit because it's a 2-wire dimmer. The RF chip inside the switch gets it power by feeding just a bit of power through the light load--and there needs to be at least 40W of "draw" there. You may be able to get away with less, but that's the spec for incandescent.