Vizia-rf relay and CFL?


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I just installed a couple vizia rf relays and have a few questions about a few problems.

1. One of my relay's produced a fairly loud buzz. It was audible from at least 4 feet away (no cfls in this fixture). A replacement of the switch fixed this issue, but I was wondering if anybody had similar buzzing from relays?
I am aware of the buzzing with the dimmers but cannot find anything referencing the relays.

2. Another fixture with 6 cfl's (14w each) would flicker when the switch was off. Only one or two bulbs would flicker at (full strength) about every 2 seconds. I fixed the issue by placing a single standard bulb in the fixture but the difference in the lighting is not appeasing at all. Is there a power trickle in the switch after the power is off - why does it flicker?