Vizia RF Scene Controller & RZCOP


I have successfully paired multiple Vizia RF dimmers and switches into the Zwave network. However, I have not been able to get the Scene Controller and the RZCOP to work. I am using a Monster AVL300 remote as the primary controller which may be the problem. It worked with the dimmers and switches but not the scene controller and rzcop. Any suggestions or will I have to get a levitton remote?



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Not sure about the scene controller but last I knew you had to have a Leviton Remote to use the Serial Interface.


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Several months ago when i was testing elk's standard zwave device with Vizia, I was all but convinced that leviton's definition of a scene is propritary. Such scenes appear to be local to the controller they are created in and not global. On the leviton remote, you program the 4 button units by first assigning devices to each button seperately for each controller (though you can do this with limited copying) and then set levels.

I can't get to leviton's site and don't have my copy of the serial interface handy, but unless you can specify the controller in question in the commands (via node id), i think you are going to forced into the leviton's implementation of "profile" and "scene" as they are defined in the remote...

Maybe it's time for me to splurge and buy the interface and play around while i wait...

good luck...


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I spilled garlic sauce on my AVL300 a while back so I'm not sure what its current capabilities are. Are you able to create a secondary controller by copying the AVL300 to say a USB Controller.

I was able to setup my Scene controller using controlThinks zwave .net sdk


Thank you all for your comments. I tried Monster support and if I understood them correctly they are trying to add scene functionality to the avl 300. Still though I don't know if it is an issue with Monster (not supporting) or Levitton (not allowing) or both. Since Squintz did it with control think perhaps Monster will be able to too, eventually.

I am not sure if I can copy over from the avl 300 since it is the only remote I own. I am failry new to all of this. I failed to mention in my earlier post that I bought the RZCOP with the intent to use it with the Elk M1 for now and then figure out a software solution later.

As far as finding the node ID, I would not know where to start. I haven't seen this on the avl 300 nor the programming software but I may have missed it.

Once again, thanks for the feedback.