Vizia-RF, software/hardware support ?


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Hi all,

This will most likely provoke another 'X' vs 'Y' debate, but, I just have to ask the question...

As the neophyte that I am, what the heck software will support something like a '4-button Vizia-RF scene controller'.

I am guessing HS2 and ThinkEssentials (TE) are the front runners.

Anyone else know of a simple solution for some poor Joe like me?

This is a loaded question, I have both of the named software versions.

I had even signed up to be a beta tester for the 'ThinkEssentials installer' software. I am guessing that Chris, in his wisdom, knew that I have troubles keeping secrets that relate to good folks spending their money. :D

I am not in that program. By the way Chris, I will gladly mail that 'thing' back to you. Just PM me.

Anyhow, I have about $1000.00 worth of the VIZIA-RF stuff on order, and mostly on the way.

I KNOW this hardware will work. I just invite comments on the software...


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The Z-Wave PC SDK has already been updated for the Vizia RF dimmers and switches to support the advanced SCENE functionality, and we're finalizing the four-button scene/zone controller functionality right now.

The ThinkEssentials Installer software has full support for the controllers and devices as well. And yes, you are still on the beta :D A few of our beta testers have not received the software yet, and it's not because we don't trust them--it's just that we're maxed out on beta resources with all the betas we're running right now. Be assured that we'll get you on board ASAP.

As you may know, we bought about 300 Vizia RF devices (4-button scene and zone controllers, dimmers, switches, 3-way companions, plug-in modules, etc.) for two of our beta homes--and are having a lot of fun getting it all set up. I'm really looking forward to getting your feedback with ThinkEssentials Installer and the Vizia RF devices; there are a few nice surprises in store for you still...


Good answer, thanks.

I would suggest a 1/2 price sale for beta testers, in case you ever wanted to unload all of that extra Vizia-RF hardware that you may wind up with. :D


edit added: I meant as in when the all of the testing is over.
Mike, Ken:

We are constantly installing and uninstalling hardware, and sometimes we have "gently used" hardware for sale at deep discounts. For instance, we're swapping out a few dozen HA06 switches here in a few weeks (which have worked awesome for almost two years in this particular install)--and will have them available at a steep discount. If you're interested, e-mail me offline ;)