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Does anyone have information regarding the pricing of the Vizia-RF switches? I can't find anything on the web at all.

I was also looking at the Intermatic "InTouch" line, but YIKES!!! They're almost twice the price of a comparable UPB switch. I'm getting close to needing to purchase switches for my new home and as much as I'd like to go Z-Wave, it seems so expensive compared to UPB. I've read a few threads on this site, but I haven't been able to conclude what is the best way to go. I'm hoping that the bulk nature of my purchase will help me to get a discount, but are there really good quality Z-Wave switches out there that are affordable?

One other question. How important is the "instant status" feature of z-wave? I know you can get around it somewhat by using software that polls, but do you really poll the whole house? That seems strange to me.

Slightly off topic, but just got back from an ADI seminar by Leviton and:

- Leviton rep reports Vizia RF will ship on 12/1
- They're working on a plug in lamp module with local load sensing, ala X10 modules

Leviton keeps say that the product will be out very soon. The have plugin lamp and applicance models on the market already but I am not sure who is selling them. Maybe Martin or Brian can anwser that. Last that I heard was the end of November for the rest of their product line. I have not seen the pricing but I figured it would be more expensive then either ACT's Homepro line or Intermatic's DIY line.

On the instant polling, it is a matter of preference. Some people need it and others can live with the polling by a PC/Software solution (HS, CCQ, HAL, etc). I poll my 40 odd switches at different intervals so that HS know wether the lights/app. is on.

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Hmm. I suppose I can live without the instant status too. Any recommendations on ACT vs. Intermatic?

Also, does anyone have experience with both UPB and z-wave? Thoughts? Comparisons?


I have both types. The build quality is about the same. Their are some minor difference but they pretty much act the same. The nice thing is that they all work together seamlessly w/o issues. The only issue that I have is that the Intermatic switches are not true white. They said that they were going to fix that issue but I have not bought one in about 6 months.

I would recomment the Intermatic USB controller. HomeSeer has this new controller/remote but it only works w\HomeSeer software but it does have a lot of nice/neat features. (you can read about on this web page)

I have no experience w/UPB

- Mike