Volume Control Install Next to Light Dimmer


Can I install a Volume Control / IR Sensor in an electrical box with 110V devices (Insteon Dimmers) if I use a “lowvoltage partition” between the devices? If not, how close can they be?
Not sure if you are asking about it code-wise, or interference wise. In the first case, yes. Make sure that if the LV divider requires a special plate in front, that you use it. I believe the current generation of carlon devices no longer require the special plate, but I'm not 100% on that. Check first. As for the interference, "usually" you will be okay. If the closet the wires get is inside the box, you should have minimal interference. Of course there is always that 1 in 100 installation that makes life interesting. :)
The thing you want to avoid is running LV and HV cables in parallel over long distances. Bringing them together at the end usually won't cause any noticeable interference.