W800 Range increase?


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I've finally gotten around to installing more Door/Window sensors and I'd like to know if there are any ideas out there for increasing the RF range or increasing the reciever range.

I have some new sensors installed in my basement that don't always get picked up.

Also, as a side note, I put two of these sensors in old fireboxes in my basement and wall mounted the boxes. I then hooked up the connectors to the alarm mechinism and they turn on various lights/signs/dartboard/slots when the alarm is pulled.

Of course, when my son gets older, I need to make sure he doesn't go around pulling fire alarms thinking they're switches.






Sorry, I completely missed that post!! I did do a search, but didn't find it.

Thanks for the pointer to it!
Though the BSR antenna is the first thing you should try, some antenna amplifiers work well with the W800. The X10 frequency is right between VHF and UHF TV.

I have used a Blonder-Tongue 15db amp that I got for $12, but some of the newer ones won't work. Whereas they used one wide-band amp in the old days, now they use multiple amps, tuned for each band. Of course, they left out the X-10 band. Look at the specs, and make sure it includes 310 MHz.

A unit that is designed for cable should contain the right frequency, but may not be as sensitive as a unit designed for the airwaves.

Here is a candidate: http://www.cablestogo.com/product.asp?cat_id=3104&sku=41001
rocco, good suggestion.

Just curious though if you think it would also yield more noise (i.e. possible false signals) being that broad (band) of an amplifier.

This is a low noise UHF/VHF/FM broadband amplifier for cable TV and antenna distribution applications.

Of course I must point out that I am no RF expert :) (just asking your opinion).


BSR, first a quick disclaimer:
I may be a geek, but I'm not an antenna geek.

Yes, whenever you amplify a signal, you will amplify the noise as well. And a broadband amplifier will amplify the noise in all of the supported band. But that shouldn't really matter, as long as the noise is outside of the W800's range of sensitivity.

Also, the amplifier will only amplify signals that the antenna can pick up. So anything that is outside of the antenna's range of sensitivity won't be picked up, and won't be amplified. Just another good reason to start with a good antenna.
I use this antenna, and I can get signals easily from all of my sensors....



Seriously, make sure that your W800 is far away from any computers, or other possible source of interference.
I like the look of Ski's antenna!

I increased the range of my W800 by simply attaching a 25 foot piece of coax. I get at least 100 feet out of this..
When you say "make sure the W800 is as far away from the computer as possible" are you refering to the antena or the unit that plugs into the PC?
Hey Ski;

I'm sending an M1 house/unit code right now, you should be able to see it with that antenna! :)

Seriously though HERE is an example of the distance I'm able to get with my home-made antenna mounted in my attic.