W800 Weirdness


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I have been seeing some strange things happening with my W800 connected to my Elk. When pressing A7 Off on a palmpad sometimes the device will turn off then turn back on, sometimes the device will not turn off at all.

Since I have the Elk connected to Girder I started to monitoring the PLC Change Update (PC) messages being sent from the Elk. Here is what I am seeing.

A7 Off Entered from palmpad
Serial:  Elk Security Panel :  pc_processor(): data => A0700
Serial:  Elk Security Panel :  pc_processor(): hc => A uc => 07 fc => 00
Serial:  Elk Security Panel :  Process Off Command for A07
Serial:  Elk Security Panel :  pc_processor(): data => A0701
Serial:  Elk Security Panel :  pc_processor(): hc => A uc => 07 fc => 01
Serial:  Elk Security Panel :  Process On Command for A07

I have also done some testing with HomeSeer and a test app I wrote to receive data from the W800 and am not seeing any behaviour like the above.

Anyone have any ideas?
Have you written a RULE in the M1 that uses the TOGGLE function when it receives a signal? This could explain turning off then turning on with a repeated RF message.

If this is the case, you can program around the issue by starting a 5 second timer on an unused output. Include an AND statement in the RULE that states that the output must be off before the THEN statement can TOGGLE.

Edited: OK, someone needs to chime in that has W800 experience!!
Nope, no rule setup to do a toggle. This happens on different house/device codes as well, just more repeatable with A7 right now. It has been doing this for some time now, just now getting to the point of troubleshooting it.
Have you setup the device A7 correctly under the ELKRP under lighting. I had similar issue and it was because the device was not setup correctly. The other isuee that I had with the palmpad was that when you setup a rule you have the option to choose whether the command comes in from elk and outside device or both. Play around with that to make sure that is setup correctly.

I could run everythign and did nto realize that the rule was setup to run only when x10 was received from ELK. Hence my palmpad seemed to be useless till I figured this out.