W800RF issues


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My W800RF has been working fine for a long time now, and yesterday I noticed that it wasn't picking up most of my RF commands, so I turned on debugging, and I see many messages like these:
6/14/2005 9:26:03 PM~!~W800 RF (32Bit) Controller~!~Received RAW Bytes: 7F 07 04 40 At 6424.62
6/14/2005 9:26:03 PM~!~W800 RF (32Bit) Controller~!~Message was corrupt, invalid, or not recognized.

It looks like some motion sensors are making it ok, but all my red buttons and DS10A's are ignored. Palmpads don't seem to get through either. Any suggestions?
Did you try unplugging it then re-plugging it back in? The last time I saw a thread that mentioned these debug codes it was caused by RF noise and the user said they relocated their antenna.
yea, disconnected it several times, no luck. I rebooted the machine and HS several times as well. The thing is, that I only see these corrupt messages when I press a button, so it isn't noise.
If you recall I had my W800 seemingly go crazy twice already. It would receive corrupt data. I uplugged and disconnected the unit for a few days and then stuck it back in and all was well. It still is working even now.

We had a huge power outage last night, looks like it might be back up and running, but at the same time, my main windows 2000 server (active directory controller) got fried. This place is turning into a mortuary :D
I went through a several month period like that. Seemed like everything was going belly up.... sometimes it makes you want to live like the Amish.

I just received all the parts in to rebuild my weather station after a recent lightning strike but I was this "" close to saying forget it. I wonder how much longer the "fun" of all this automation and tinkering will last?
Come on guys! We all know this is cyclic. I want to quit every time my system melts down also, but then after the whining is over, I rebuild and get back in business. When everything is working well its very satisfying!
My wife just called to let me know that things started working all of a sudden. Very strange!